Our Approach


We have a fifty years experience in the field as well as expert watch makers who have made their work their mission in life.

We would like to give you the opportunity of getting to know our products.

Often, the retail price of a watch is higher than the production cost because a "part" thereof is used to compensate for the wholesalers, distributors and retailers.

Every time the watch changes hands, there is an increase in price.

But we're different.

We believe in giving the customer satisfaction, with a fair price, and by putting him through a direct channel, allowing us to keep the quality intact.

Our Story


Everything began in 2018.

Walking through the stands of the Basel Fair, Stefano Braga understood the importance and the prestige of his father Fernando’s work. He spent his whole life learning the secrets of watchmaking, working with important teachers and being trained by them.

He carries a century-old knowledge himself. So being a watchmaker does not only mean "making a watch" but there is much more to it .

But the question was, how to be competitive?

The majority of the prices of high-quality watches were the result of expensive advertising, marketing campaigns, inefficient suppliers and distribution channels, as well as excessive "status symbol" markups by brands and their partners.

So they decided to get rid of all of this by simplifying the process.

Magazzino Time and Times
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They already had high quality movements, mechanical and even quartz pieces, because Fernando is the production manager of Armand Nicolet's laboratory and other high quality brands.

A 100% of their watches are made in Switzerland, by trained and professional watchmakers, with an exquisite Italian design.

A watch is not only an object, worn on one’s wrist, but the knowledge of a centenary which is carefully monitored.

One wonders why watches don’t have the same value seeing that more or less all the materials used to produce them are the same?

Easy: because they have a different cultural background.

This identifies their quality, which becomes a guarantee index.

They have it all.

The last thing to be done was to start with a good website.


The Process

Directive / Logistics

All orders are checked and received by our logistics department and follow specific directives. In continuous contact with the other departments, organises the work and remains available to the customer.

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Laboratory / Production

Our production workshop takes care of giving life to our products. It is here that the magic happens. After careful analysis and checks, the product only leaves the laboratory if it is perfect, before proceeding to quality control.

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Shipping / Sales

Here the watches are examined in depth.
If the watch passes the control test, the packaging and the subsequent shipment takes place, always in direct contact with the customer thanks to our sales managers.

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How We Do It

Time and Times Traditional Way About Us
Time and Times Our Way About Us

The Team

A big family, with the same passion.


Fernando Braga

Product Manager


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Letizia Iannetta

Distribution Manager



Stefano Braga




Ilaria Alberizio

Communication Manager

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Dalila Braga

 Relationship and Logistics Manager


About Us - Simone Magri

Simone Magri

Sales Manager